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At Emuleh Consulting, we’re on a mission to increase the visibility and impact of YOUR business. Whether your product or service is well established or still a blossoming dream, our business planning, training, guidance, mentorship and support will get you where you’re going.

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Our philosophy is simple: Every business — regardless of size or stature – deserves a competitive edge without having to reinvent the wheel. Our consultants fill in the gaps that may stand between you and higher achievement.


Our consultants serve as a vital part of your business team. We help guide you through your company’s startup and funding phases, developing business plans, lead generation, trainings and customer relationship management.

In short – whatever it takes to accelerate your progress along the pathway to profitability.

At Emuleh Consulting, we….

Now you can tap into decades of skill and know-how in local and international marketing. It’s the next best thing to having an industry expert on staff
Emuleh Consulting is devoted to supporting Nigerians, African-owned businesses located in the West Africa and its neighboring countries. We have a track record of getting companies established and profitable.
Our vast, hands-on expertise, personalized planning and direct, honest approach will aid and encourage you and your team to reach greater success in business.
We’re committed to efficient, reverent use of your time, intelligence and resources. We take a personal interest in every step of your entrepreneurial journey.
We never forget we are a service-based business, and that you’re the boss. We’re here to care for and about you in the pursuit of your economic dreams.
We’re motivated and passionate about helping our clients meet and surpass even the loftiest growth and sales goals. We’ve done it for others worldwide and we can do it for you.



“Working with My Insightful Consultant has been the best experience I’ve had with a business consultancy. Most consultants don’t understand how to communicate with minority leaders and CEOs. I confidently recommend My Insightful Consultant and Felix Eshesimua for high quality, professional work and understanding. If you work with them, you’ll be in great, safe hands.”


Bolaji Ola-Adams, Chairman,
BOAH International, LLC,
Seattle, WA and Lagos, Nigeria


“Emuleh Consulting are experts in. sales, customer services, and management training. You will see for yourself when you. Work with. The management team they also have office in the United States and other Africa countries”.

Barr Oyebuchi
Real Estate manager